Brainplus- Projekt Management Schabereiter, Austria – Coordinator


Contact person: Wolfgang Schabereiter
phone: +43 664 33 26 936
Brainplus is a consulting company in Styria/Austria offering consultancy on economical support topics. Concretely brainplus offers consultancy in innovation management, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and management of international projects. In the field of innovation management brainplus offers to companies support in finding new ideas for innovative products or in improving their business model. The main focus of brainplus is to structure the innovation process and to moderate workshops in the early stage of the innovation process. In the field of technology transfer, brainplus coordinates several projects where research know-how from Universities is linked with the needs of SME´s. Brainplus carries out also the management of international projects.


PRESSURE LINE, The Netherlands


Contact person: Svetlana Rashkov
phone: +31 10 243 93 65
Pressure Line is a full-service communication agency, established in 1997. Core competences are development of communication and dissemination strategies, research and marketing, creation of corporate identities, web design, multimedia projects, developing and designing of learning materials. Pressure Line works for governmental organizations, regional and local authorities, educational and cultural institutions and welfare organizations.


inab, Germany

inab, Germany Contact person: Clemens Körte
Phone: 06221 – 50 257 41
inab is a daughter company of the bfw group, one of the leading providers of training and education in Germany, onwed by the German trade union confederation DGB. As a recognized non-profit provider of vocational training and education, the bfw group has been committed for more than 60 years for securing sustainable jobs as well as to cover professionals requirements through training, counseling and placement. The also nationwide active inab - training and employment corporation of the company bfw mbH has been a part of the bfw group since 1990. This subsidiary company specializes in services on the educational topics of transition from school to work, job preparation and initial vocational training. Main target groups of inab are youngsters till 25 years of age, migrants and refugees and people involved in trainings for these young people.




Contact person: Javier Díez
phone: +35 667 431 766
Tradigenia is a Spanish company operated since 2000 with main activities in the fields of
business research, business consultancy and training services. The company has a valuable record of research and execution of projects related to business modeling, business process design and innovation. Since 2013 the company is involved in European cooperation projects.


KU TU EOOD, Bulgaria


Contact person: Aneta Voycheva
phone: +359 2 981 61 43
KU TU EOOD is a marketing and communications agency and consultancy, focused on the development of attractive marketing, communication and advertising products for a wide variety of organisations and sectors. The company is also involved in European cooperation projects for providing non-formal education opportunities applicable to different target groups in the fields of language teaching and learning, integration of migrants, active citizenship, promotion of tolerance, anti-discrimination and inclusion of marginalized groups, facilitating access and inclusion on the labour market, etc.




Contact person: Tanya Hughes
Phone: +442890481632
Ballybeen Women’s Centre is an integrated service provider committed to enabling women, young people and children to realise their potential and fulfill their aspirations through the promotion of health, personal and socio-economic development. The core activities of the organisation are education and training, childcare and family support, health promotion, peer education with young people, culture diversity and community development and capacity building.



AKLUB Centrum vzdělávání a poradenství, Czech Republic


Contact person: Ludek Richter
phone: +420 604267486
AKLUB Centre of education and counseling is an educational non-for-profit organization focused on providing educational services to professionals and experts, disadvantaged people and youth as well as developing educational and integration programs and products. AKLUB is also regularly participating in national and international projects focused on lifelong learning, educational methods, coaching, e-learning, distance education, special methods for counseling, integration programs, etc.


CFIQ, Italy


Contact person: Sylvia Casorzo
Phone: +39 0121 393617 Email:
CFIQ is a consortium of 60 bodies representing the local socio-economic context. Located in Pinerolo, a little city nearby Turin, CFIQ started its activities in 1996 as a Vocational Training Organization. CFIQ employs about 30 people under a full-time contract and co-operates with a wide number of freelancers and independent contractors/consultants. Its activities, aiming also at developing training proposals attentive to the needs of the territory in which it operates and the labour market that characterizes it, are mainly based on the regional plans for training and the main target groups to which training is addressed are: young people, adult learners, migrants and companies.


DIAN, Greece


Contact person: Panos Milios
phone: +302108253933
DIAN was founded in 1987 by Panos Milios providing quality services in the areas of Publication, Training for different target groups, Consulting, Environmental Activities and Research ( and e-learning ( DIAN is member of European Networks and collaborates with various Organizations in Greece and abroad.



EURORESO, European network


Contact person: Fernando Benavente
phone: +34 629452614
EURORESO is a network that involves 46 partners from 28 different European countries. Its membership includes partners from the whole Europe with wide experience and proven expertise in vocational education and training in all industrial sectors. One of the main purposes of the association is the dissemination of projects and valorisation of their results and products.

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