Stichting Nieuw Huis Rotterdam/ Foundation New Home Rotterdam

Main goal of the Foundation New Home Rotterdam is to assist Syrian families with a residence permit to settle in Rotterdam. Stichting Nieuw Huis Rotterdam (SNTR) wants to increase the offer of housing for refugees with a residence permit. Therefore, the foundation buys 200 properties in Rotterdam. They are intended for Syrian families with a residence permit and are located in Rotterdam. The houses are spread throughout the city, except in areas where many people with social security benefits already live. SNTR buys homes from individuals who have been on sale for more than six months. The homes cost an average of 100,000 euros.

Syrian families

SNTR focuses on Syrian families because Syrians are currently the largest group of refugees in our country. In addition, it is easier to create a program for a group with the same language and culture. It is chosen for families because the foundation considers a safe home for children important.

SNTR does not decide which family will live in the home. That does the Municipal Support Office for people with residence permit (IOS). The Syrian families pay rent for their home. With this rent, SNTR pays a part of the guidance to language, education and work.    

Year(s): started in 2016

Target group(s): Syrian refugee families with residence permit



Innovative Integration program

Stichting Nieuw Huis Rotterdam makes sure that the 200 Syrian families with a residence permit feel at home as soon as possible in Rotterdam. This is done by implementing an innovative integration program.


Language is the most important tool. SNTR allows every participant of the program to learn Dutch in at least 16 weeks to a maximum of one and a half year in order to reach a level at which participants can work or can pursue further education. Language courses are only one component. People really learn the language when they speak a lot. With social co-workers, language partners and eventually at work.

Intensive support

The families come from a war area in a new, strange environment. That's not easy. The New Home Foundation Rotterdam therefore guides the participants in the program intensively to let them feel settled in the neighborhood and the city. To teach them how, for example, health care works, or education. To explain the Dutch rules and culture.


SNTR offers a career program that teaches skills to find and maintain a job in the Netherlands. In comparison with the Dutch labor force, refugees speak the language less well, do not know Dutch (labor) culture yet and have a limited network in the Netherlands. With the career program, which consists of work experience places, coaching and training, SNTR wants to stimulate talent and reduce the gap to work.

SNTR also provides adult education information to participants who want to follow a (continued) education to increase their chances at the labor market. If no paid work is possible, participants can do voluntary work. This makes them feel useful for Dutch and Rotterdam society.


Children of refugee parents learn Dutch language at childcare (0-4 years), in groups 1 and 2 from primary school (4-6 years) or in an (international) classroom (6-18 years). SNTR supports children to practice language with a summer school (4-18 years) and youth meetings (12-18 years). Children between the ages of 10 and 18 can join existing mentoring programs in Rotterdam. Parents can get parental coaching.

Neighborhood and city

People feel faster at home in a neighborhood or city when they know people in their area. Then they have a social network. To increase the network, the guides take the families outside. To neighbors, neighborhood organizations and associations. But also to the supermarket, sports fields and cultural institutions. SNTR also brings together the participants. So that they can exchange experiences and help each other to better integrate.    

Type of product

Support and guidance

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Housing of Syrian refugee families and providing guidance in integration and social inclusion.    

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

What works and what doesn’t when it comes to integration? That has never been properly investigated so far. SNTR allows its innovative program to be investigated by Erasmus University. SNTR wants to know if the program really makes sure that newcomers see Rotterdam as their new home. And whether that works without making a lot of extra costs.

To find out, Erasmus University will study the program. The study lasts four to six years. The researchers compare the progress of people who follow the program with a group of people who fall outside the program. It will also become clear if the program is suitable for other refugees who have to integrate in the Netherlands.    

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Stichting De Verre Bergen

Country: Netherlands


Contacts: Stichting Nieuw Huis Rotterdam, Postbus 23351, 3001 KJ ROTTERDAM, T +31 10 3101100,

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