VIP (Vluchtelingen Investeren in Participeren)

By this project VluchtelingenWerk offers a practical approach in which refugees learn to make a real, conscious and independent career choice, which corresponds to supply and demand of the labor market and is according to their competences. This happens in agreement with the local government.The first refugees started with project VIP in the spring of 2016 with project VIP. Since then, 675 people have begun with the course consisting of a collective training and a piece of individual customization. And now, spring 2017, VIP continues to be in full swing. More and more municipalities see the positive effect of the integral approach of VIP and work with us together (more than 50). Companies (over 180) open their doors to refugees to make their acquaintance with the work floor in the Netherlands.    

Year(s): since 2016

Target group(s): refugees



The main goal of the project is to develop a comprehensive program to help refugees find a job and integrate sustainably in the Dutch society. This happens by the following methods:

  • training program cosisiting of 8 meetings
  • personal coach – volunteer (jobcoach)
  • company visits
  • internship for about 2 months
  • warm introduction to a company, school or organisation of volunteers

During the program a personal coach (volunteer) works with the participant in achieving personal goals and carrying out the individual action plan. The participant gets acquainted with business and education in the Netherlands and gains employment experience. There is a training budget for personal development.

Another goal of the initiative is to attract the business community and make them interested in the target group by experiencing the potential of refugees. VluchtelingenWerk also offers expert meetings and training for companies

By convincing the (local) government of the comprehensive approach / methodology VluchtelingenWerk strives to provide refugees with long-term assistance.    

Type of product

course / training

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

How to integrate refugees in the labour market.    

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Prepare 1500 refugees to find jobs by themselves as best as they can with support of volunteers and the Dutch Refugee Council. The program is easily transferable to other countries where refugees experience these challenges. 

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Vluchtelingen Werk Nederland

Country: Netherlands


Contacts: Karin de Bruin,

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