INTEGRA-T "Social integration for young migrants and second generations"

The "INTEGRA - T" project is partially financed by the General Directorate of Immigration of the Community of Madrid. It tries to carry out actions aimed at the social integration of both young immigrants and second generation young people who live in our municipality. Through different actions, integration and social insertion are favored to promote an intercultural society in the reference districts and improve coexistence in the reference Districts. In addition, working with young people and their families, supporting them in the reception process and in the process of regrouping before, during and after.

It is a project aimed at launching a bridge between that situation of loneliness, helplessness or "ignorance of the way", offering them the possibility of being supported in a path of social insertion that practice certain skills and techniques that must be fundamental in their integration and that reinforce important aspects of their personality that result in a greater autonomy and in the creation of healthy social networks that favor their social insertion.

To promote a process of social insertion as a way for their social integration through actions that improve their personal development and favoring the social integration of young immigrants and / or second generations in the host society.    

Year(s): 2105-2017

Target group(s): The target population is young people aged between 14 and 21, both immigrants and children of immigrants





Initial reception:First contact with the young person. From there it is known its explicit needs with which to derive them to the social resources that correspond.

Design of social intervention itinerary:It opens the file and marks the objectives that are intended with the young person.

Leisure and Leisure Activities:Group activities are organized around the interests of young people.

Socio-educational Support Activities:Intended to adapt their curriculum to the educational system.

Referral to other social resources: If you need you would be referred to other resources, such as the Center for Employment and Training of the entity or other.

Social accompaniment to other resources:In case it is necessary, the social worker will accompany other social resources.


Participation in networksbetween youth organizations and between social care devices for immigrants.

Coordination with educational networks, such as educational centers, schooling commission, etc. 

Type of product

Course / Training

Social Audit and Inclusion Personalized Program    

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Annual Program to be applied over a select target group of participants each year.”    

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The INTEGRAT project developed by La Rueca Association and co-funded by different institutions, is running effectively since 2015 till today.

It has to be adapted to local social environment of other countries, but the content and methodology are totally transferable.    

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: La RUECA Asociación

Country: Spain


Contacts: Central Offices C/ BARLOVENTO, 1 (LOCAL) 28017 Metro: Hnos. García Noblejas (L-7) Salida: José Arcones Gil Telf.: 91 404 07 33 Fax.: 91 404 07 26 Correo:

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