Promotion and Encounter Centers (ASTI)

Promotion and Encounter Centers aims to be:
  • Points of reference for immigrants arriving in our Autonomous Community of Madrid and need to discover the cultural codes that make up the life in our society.
  • Integration platforms in the neighborhood and in the society in general.

Year(s): 2017

Target group(s): Migrants



There are etnically oriented centers and general cenbters aimed to reach:
  • The elimination of linguistic and socio-labor barriers.
  • The promotion of valid attitudes and decent living conditions that foster mutual recognition and enhance the sense of belonging.
  • The recognition of the religious cultural values of the person.
  • Support for the immigrant person to carry out their personal and family life project.
  • Education for the exercise of responsible citizenship in a multicultural society.

Type of product

Courses / Training
Advising and Follow Up Services and Workshops

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Reception and Orientation
Spanish language and culture classes
Cultural activities
Training courses
Documentation Information
Family and Coexistence Workshop

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The impact is very high and accelerates and shorten the initial progres of social understanding of the hosting society by the migrant. The initiative is totally transferable.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: ASTI (Diocesan Delegation of Migrations of Madrid)

Country: Spain


Contacts: C/ Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 18 Metro: Cuatro Caminos: líneas: 1, 2, 6 Tel.: (91)365.65.18

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