Bayt al-Thaqafa (Culture House)

Bayt Al-Thaqafa is a non-profit and autonomous foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to facilitate the social, cultural, civic and political integration of Arab-Muslim immigrants into our society, without renouncing one's identity and fostering exchange and dialogue between different cultures. To this end, it has a program of reception, information, orientation and advice to immigrants on issues that affect their lives due to their status as aliens so that they can be full citizens in a society where diversity does not mean inequality.

Year(s): 2017

Target group(s): Migrants



The values that inspire our action are:
Dignity: respect for all people and respect for human rights.
Equality: bets on the construction of a society in which everyone has room, avoiding confrontations and any kind of exclusion and / or discrimination.
Welcoming: warmth, warmth, ability to see people in an integral way (and not only their needs) and accompaniment towards full citizenship.
Proximity: consideration of each person as the active protagonist of his life, empowering to achieve the positive transformation of his personal process.
Interculturality: the encounter with the other, cultural diversity, religious, linguistic, ways of understanding life makes us socially rich, dialogic and powerful.

Type of product

Temporary Accommodation
Information on citizenship rights
Educational reception of children and young people
Social welcome
Legal advice
Access to housing
Sociolinguistic Reception
Labor itineraries
Classes of Arabic Urdu

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Temporary accommodation projects of the Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation are long-term projects. A close follow-up allows the adequacy of each Individualized Work Plan, and its subsequent follow-up. This resource is complemented with the rest of services that the entity offers to obtain a global and integral response to each person.
Human rights and citizenship. The Foundation regularly participates in talks, conferences, manifests and demonstrations from where we want to continue fostering the value of the coexistence of diverse cultures. In addition, the documentary center that has at the headquarters of the entity allows to offer high quality content that allows to know and approach the history, literature and politics of other cultures.
Tutoring. Educational reception for children from 6 to 16 years of age from various cultural backgrounds and many with late incorporation into our school system that needs support and accompaniment to facilitate the process of social integration and help combat social exclusion successful itineraries Educational and bring out their abilities and skills.
Social and legal reception. To this end, there is a program of reception, information, orientation and advice to immigrants on issues that affect their lives due to their status as aliens so that they can be citizens and cities of full right in a society where diversity does not Means Inequality Accompaniment and legal advice specialized in the law of foreigners, nationality, non-discrimination and others related to the migratory experience and the situation of foreigners.
Access to housing. Service that seeks to help guarantee the right to decent housing in the environment of a market that makes access difficult for many citizens, including immigrants. Acquired Sociolinguistica.
Work itineraries. They accompany the new arrivals who need to rejoin the labor market to define their skills and potentialities that allow them to guide a labor itinerary and job search. In addition, they offer a wide range of pre-work and work courses that increase the capacities and competitiveness of people in the labor market.
Sociolinguistic reception. They offer classes in Spanish and Catalan, from literacy levels, as a vehicle for social integration and as a communication tool to relate to the environment and the community. It also develops specific training in computer science, courses to obtain the driver's license and prepare the examinations of language and culture required to obtain Spanish nationality.
Classes of arabic urdu and child culture for boys, girls and women

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

It is a complex integration of several activities working in diferent dimensions of the migrants integration issue, involving a lot of implied resources, but it is totally transferable to other countries.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Bayt al-Thaqafa (Culture House)

Country: Spain


Contacts: Calle Princesa, 14, primer 08003 Barcelona Telf. 93 319 88 69

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