Humanitarian Assistance to Migrants (CEPAIM)

Cepaim is an independent, cohesive and sustainable organization that responds to social dynamics related to migration and to processes of social exclusion. Practical and theoretical reference in the coherent application of transversal policies of interculturality, diversity management, gender equality, social cohesion, local development and co-development, based on the territory.

Year(s): 2017

Target group(s): Migrants



The different areas group all the programs and projects destined to the accomplishment of the Mission, Vision, Values, Principles and Objectives of the organization and are based in the analysis of the internal and external factors of context, as well as in the priorities Identified.

Type of product

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Reception and International Protection. Its purpose is to "serve as a bridge and support to people in situations of vulnerability or residential exclusion and help them to prevent or leave the situation by developing comprehensive interventions aimed at meeting the needs of the population in this area.
Employment and Training. It groups the set of projects and actions that develop orientation, training, intermediation and job prospecting processes aimed at improving the employability and the quality of employment of the foreign population and the most disadvantaged native population, positively affecting their socio-labor integration trajectories .
Entrepreneurial Culture. It encompasses actions and projects aimed at promoting the attitudes and values of autonomy and entrepreneurship within the organization itself, in the educational system and at the social level working these attitudes with the whole of the citizenship and in a special way with the target population of our projects and programs.
Intervention with Youth and Families. Its main objective is to improve the living conditions and levels of integration of the family units by offering an information, counseling and guidance service to families that strengthens their capacities to cope satisfactorily with the different phases of their cycle Vital through the definition of Family Intervention Plans. It also offers a differential care to minors who present some difficulty in the social, family and / or school.
Cooperation for development and co-development. Its main objectives are to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of people in countries where - preferably - Cepaim (Senegal and Morocco) is involved in promoting measures to improve health, education and economic development, as well as support In the institutional reinforcement working in network with public and private entities of the zones of the south and promoting cultural, educative and business exchanges.
Rural development. Our organization considers that one of the scenarios of exit from the current social, economic and values crisis in which we are immersed lies in local development and, as a part of it, in rural development, betting on the opportunities of employability that Offer the rural environments and their endogenous potential of development and being configured as a space conducive to entrepreneurship, social and solidarity economy.
Equality and non-discrimination. It includes a set of projects and actions that include direct work on equality between women and men, management of diversity and attention to victims of discrimination. A model of direct intervention with women is proposed that includes the prevention and sensitization of gender violence as well as the definition of spaces for intercultural encounter and improvement of employability conditions.
Interculturality and community development. It is based on Community Action understood as "relationships between people, opportunities, links, interests, motivations and - in general - all those mechanisms that in a dynamic way interweave and structure life in society. For this reason, processes of mediation, strengthening of the local fabric and community actions in neighborhoods are promoted with the aim of promoting social cohesion, coexistence and encounter from interculturality and diversity.
Housing. With the articulation of a new housing area, differentiated but complementary to the reception area, we want to mark a clear and precise delimitation between the actions tending to favor temporary accommodation to people who are in a situation of poverty, social exclusion and very high Vulnerability, those that favor access or maintenance in a stable housing in conditions of dignity and under the formulas of tenancy, ownership, co-ownership and / or self-construction.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The action of CEPAIM and its several programs and projects is having a huge impact in Spain. The activities are totally transferables.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: CEPAIM Foundación

Country: Spain


Contacts: Fundación Cepaim C/ Nicolás Morales, 11, 3ºD Madrid, CP 28019, España Teléfono: 91 548 31 63 Tel. 91 533 77 93 Fax: 91 541 09 77


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