INTERCULTURAL CLASSROOM Is a Project promoted by:

UGT: With a history of over one hundred years, the UGT continues to fight for equal opportunities and equity. The promotion of the values of intercultural coexistence is a task that the union carries out from the labour and social sphere.
And FeSP UGT: The Federation of Public Services of the UGT is who has conceived intercultural classroom and who works to be one live Portal and at the service of all those people interested in interculturality.
DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF MIGRATIONS of the Secretary of State for Immigration and Emigration from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.
And FAMI: The Spanish National FAMI Program is carried out through a process of political dialogue between the Government of Spain and the European Commission. FAMI It is focused on the overall results that are to be achieved, taking into account the characteristics of the phenomenon of immigration in Spain as well as the specific Spanish needs respecting the scope of application of the specific regulations.
IFFIE: Institute for Teacher Training, Research and Educational Innovation of the Ministry of Education, an administrative unit dedicated to the study and research in education. IFFIE aims to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education through the enhancement of programs, the promotion of experimentations that contribute to the advancement of academic and professional qualifications, and the preparation and dissemination of curricular materials and other support documents for teachers.

Year(s): Running since 2009

Target group(s): Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education Teachers



FeSP UGT, in our commitment to advance in the construction of education pursuing respect and coexistence between different cultures, FeSP UGT promotes the Intercultural Classroom project with the interest of providing training to teachers, didactic materials, research, workshops with students, awareness campaigns, publications ...

We consider that it is a crucial bet for the present and the future of our society and we believe that it is essential to promote spaces in the network that support reflection, meeting and work in this regard.

We trust that among all of us we will be able to make this portal a space of reference thanks to the contributions of those who every day face the challenges of integration and intercultural coexistence.

Type of product

Educational Materials, Blogs and much more to promote interculturality in education, organised in an internet Portal, addressed to teachers.

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

A comprehensive collection of Didactic materials, Management of intercultural centres documents, Research Studies and Intercultural experiences, are offered within this portal.

The Portal also offers a library that contains texts on language, communication, gender, intercultural school, coexistence, migrations and good practices.

For the updating and exchange of experiences and concerns among teachers, along with a section dedicated to news related to interculturality, a blog is presented.

Finally, there is an excellent initiative aimed at training intercultural teachers: the Teacher Training Space, where online training courses on cross-cultural issues are offered. Based on the new challenges posed by inclusive and intercultural education (diverse groups in all senses, new methodologies, the flexibility of curriculum, organisation in the classroom, content based on common standards and in the resolution of conflicts, etc.), that require teachers to renew their knowledge, skills and tools permanently.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The impact on teachers and educators is very high, that's evident because the Portal created in 2009 is still running.

The transferability of the practice is high due that is based on the collaboration of trade unions and public bodies, with a simple and cheap technology base for support and actualise de internet portal.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: UGT FSP

Country: Spain



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