The municipality of Murcia has developed over the past 20 years a process of population growth of the highest cities of our country, which have made Murcia the seventh city in Spain by the number of inhabitants with a total of 422,861 residents in her.

An essential factor in this growth is the immigrant population that according to official data amounts to a total of 50,397 people, representing a percentage of 11'92% of the citizens of the municipality, of which a significant volume is young.

Faced with this reality, for the future development of the municipality of Murcia, it is necessary to implement a Social and Community Intervention Project that, with an innovative and experimental nature, in its first phase, is intended, directly and comprehensively, to foster the integration of immigrant youth throughout the municipality of Murcia, which facilitates social inclusion and promotes citizen participation and coexistence, as a means to prevent risk situations, within the terms provided in art. 48 of the Spanish Constitution, whose text we recall:

"The public powers will promote the conditions for the free and effective participation of youth in political, social, economic and cultural development."

Year(s): 2017

Target group(s): Young people of Murcia in general and young migrants in particular



 For this project to be a positive reality in the municipality, the involvement and participation of the social base of the city are fundamental:

- Youth Associations.

- Immigrant Associations and Entities.

- Social Entities acting in the fields of Youth, Culture, Solidarity and Integration.

- Youth groups that did not legally constitute an association.

The methodological strategy that we propose to establish the channels of participation of the Program is cooperation between the administration and said entities. Consequently, it is essential that you send us your ideas and activities, for this purpose the proposals must be made through a form to be completed for each proposed activity, which you can request from the Youth Service to the attention of the Participation Team. You can also download the "Form Proposals for Action", at

All proposals received will be studied and evaluated by the Participation Team of the Youth Council, specifying the resources and tools necessary for its proper implementation.

With all the entities and young participants, work will be done to constitute a Promoter Team, a Discussion and Participation Forum for the development and evaluation of the Project, with whose contributions a Guide can be edited. The balance of the experience that includes an evaluation of good practices to contribute the project for the future of youth participation and social integration in our city.

Type of product

 INTEGRA Y PARTICIPA "is the web portal of this Program and aims to be a new tool to promote social integration and participation.

The Department of Youth and Employment of the City of Murcia, with the collaboration of other public institutions and the participation of youth, cultural and social entities of the municipality, launches a new project of social action in Murcia, an innovative program whose fundamental purpose It is double:

 Promote social inclusion, citizen coexistence and the participation of young immigrants in the social, political, economic and cultural life of the municipality.

 Prevent discriminatory, racist and xenophobic behaviours through awareness programs aimed at the population of the municipality, especially young people.

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

 a- Research:

A Documentary Fund specialised in youth, participation and immigration will be set up, which will be located in the La Nave Municipal Center, a youth space, within its training spaces and documentation on participation. Likewise, a socio-demographic approach will be carried out on the immigrant juvenile population of the Municipality of Murcia and the corresponding districts. Regular sources published by the National Statistical Institute will be used, such as the population census and the Municipal Register of inhabitants. All information about immigrants' entities, services and programs or immigrant care will be compiled.

b- Awareness campaign - information:

An awareness campaign will be carried out to promote social integration and the prevention of racist and xenophobic behaviour. It will be a campaign carried out by the young people themselves. Therefore a mixed group will be formed between new young neighbours and young native people. The assembly of the campaign methodologically has two moments: a first moment, it involves the preparation of the campaign where the aspects to be treated and the audiovisual strategy to make it are decided with the young people. The second moment is the launch of the campaign as such and its dissemination through different spaces.

This campaign will be complemented with the dissemination and publicity of the set of activities developed in the program, with the same image and conceptual line.

c- Training, Technical Assistance and Advice:


Training activities will be carried out according to the needs of the groups and youth associations of new young neighbours as well as of the natives. During 2008, some meetings began to meet the needs of young people and the approaches of youth and social entities in this regard.

The methodological approach is based on the workshop methodology. This modality of work mobilises towards the creation of new meanings and meanings for the different groups and groups with which the program works.

The workshops allow the construction of links and the joint creation of reflections and experiences that help to enrich the experience that each group has at the time the lessons that emerge from the different groups.

As for the Technical Assistance, this will be developed in parallel to the training, with a stable Advisory Service, to be provided at the most essential Municipal Youth Centers, as well as the young spaces, La Nave and Yesqueros, as well as itinerant where immigrant and youth associations and collectives are located, and during evenings, nights and weekends, to accompany and support the entities in legal and legal matters (modification and adaptation of Statutes, registration of associations and books) and official documents, changes of Board of Directors, creation of youth sections, ...), in the processing and management of subsidies and public subsidies, etc ...

Within this Service a Technical and Specific Assistance will be included for the design, organization and management of activities, with the objective of energizing both immigrant associations and youth associations of the municipality to develop activities that promote integration and participation and advice will be made to obtain resources to develop these activities, either through other programs and services of the City of Murcia, or through other institutions such as the Autonomous Community, Social Works Savings Banks, etc ..

The goal of all the youth activities for integration developed during 2009 will have the same methodological line that allows obtaining an evaluation that provides data of interest and general conclusions for the future.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The priority age group of the program will be young people between 12 and 24 years old, although in general and according to the Regulation of the City of Murcia on granting subsidies for the promotion of youth participation, activities may be aimed at the population of the municipality aged between 8 and 35, with the anticipation of participation in the actions and activities of the program of 3,000 young people, of them, at least 25% of the immigrant population.

It is highly transferable for public bodies, but the program needs human resources and facilities to be deployed.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: AYUNTAMIENTO DE MURCIA (MURCIA MUNICIPALITY)

Country: Spain



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