Assistance Program for immigrants and returned emigrants

Promote the regularisation and socio-labour and educational integration of the migrant population offering the adult population interdisciplinary attention in the social, legal and labour fields and to the child, young population and family units of reference socio-educational care that facilitates its adaptation to the system education and its social participation in the community.

Year(s): 2017-2018

Target group(s): Migrant population



  •  Inform and advise the migrant population (immigrants and returned migrants) in the social, legal and labour spheres, facilitating their regularisation and full integration in the municipality of A Coruña.
  • Contribute to improving the employability of the migrant population.
  • Prevent the early abandonment of compulsory schooling by children and young people and the social participation of this population in their community environment.
  • Establish collaboration channels with other institutions and social entities working in the field of migration (where appropriate, with the business sector).
  • Disseminate the actions promoted by the competent institutions in the field of migration or by social entities that work in this area.
  • Inform and sensitise the host society of Coruña about the situation of the migrant population, their needs and challenges to achieve their full integration from a bidirectional point of view.

Type of product

It is a program of personal and direct attention.

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

 It contributes to the regularisation and socio-labour and educational integration of the migrant population through care in different areas (legal, social, labour and education).


It also promotes cooperation with entities and institutions working in this field and citizen awareness-raising activities that foster bidirectional intercultural integration with the host society.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

High transferability due to de simplicity of the service, and because the supporting organisation is a local public body.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: A CORUÑA MUNICIPALITY (AYUNTAMIENTO DE LA CORUÑA)

Country: Spain



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