Juridisch Loket

Het Juridisch Loket helps you move forward with your legal questions. Questions about dismissal, contracts, divorce, alimony, rent, neighbors and more. The legal counselling is offered for free.

If you have questions about your own business, for example you can go to a legal expenses insurer or lawyer.    

Year(s): N/A

Target group(s): People who need legal counselling

Website: www.juridischloket.nl


On the website of the Juridisch Loket information can be found on how and where one can ask for legal help. There are offices of the Juridisch Loket all over the Netherlands and all addresses and opening hours are given on the website. Citizens can refer for help by phone, by paying a visit to one of the offices without making an appointment in advance or by sending a question by mail. Professional advice is provided for free and appropriate tips are given for solving the question. If a lawyer is needed in a further procedure then the possibilities for receiving subsidy are considered and the person is helped to fill in the necessary documents. 

Type of product

  • online resource
  • juridical advice by phone or by paying a visit to a helpdesk 

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Legal counselling for free 

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The Juridisch Loket is easy to reach for citizens who need help on legislation/legal subjects. The service is offered free of charge and is easily accessible. The project target groups can receive legal counselling on subjects like work permit, unemployment, integration, Dutch citizenship, employment agreements, benefits, dismissal, work and pregnancy, etc.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual:

Country: Netherlands

Website: www.juridischloket.nl

Contacts: Via 0900-8020 / or by paying a visit to one of the offices or sending a mail-form via the website

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