Healthy with Language and Sport (Gezond met Taal en Sport)

One and a half million Dutch people speak, write, read and understand Dutch not well enogh to be able to function properly in society. In addition, one in four Dutch people have (had) (mental) health complaints. Non-Western immigrants are relatively overrepresented in both groups and often encounter both problems at the same time. Lack of language skills, unhealthy lifestyle and health problems affect each other in a negative way. One of the most important aspects of improving healthcare and improving health is moving and healthy living: a healthy lifestyle.

Stichting Taalent010 has therefore set up the project 'Healthy with Language and Sport'.    

Year(s): N/A

Target group(s): (women) migrants



The project is characterized by an integrated approach: there is focus on the language learning and participating in society as well as on health, nutrition and movement. Healthy with Language and Sport also has a preventative character and focuses on the prevention of health problems.

The main target groups are low educated migrants (specially women) that are hard-to-reach and live isolated with stress and / or discomfort. Following the project the healthy lifestyle also radiates on the other family members and possibly also on their own social network.

The training is held with the assistance of volunteer educators.    

Type of product


Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Better integration in society and living more healthily by learning the language and doing sports. 

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The result is that women become aware of their own contribution to their health and the health of their families through sport, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, while using the Dutch language. Their self-esteem grows. They also realize that they themselves actively contribute to the prevention and / or remedying of health complaints and / or overweight. Being active and healthier in society allows participants to become more independent.

For the sport component, it is important that women know what contributes to a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle and to adapt their habits. Women experience the energetic action of sport and keep moving. By the project they feel less often sick, do not often have to go to the GP and need less medicine.

Volunteers / ambassadors become more skilled by the project. The volunteers develop new skills regarding preventive healthcare, and can help the participants better. The knowledge of the professional is partly transferred and spread among a larger group.    

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Taalent010

Country: Netherlands


Contacts: Nazha Chafia / Meriem Laamairi email:

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