Migrant Centre N.I

 The overall aim of Migrant Centre N.I is to tackle racism and eliminate barriers against new and settled migrant communities in NI.

They provide advice and advocacy in two areas through their bilingual support workers: financial health and wellbeing and supporting victims of racist hate crime and incidents. The service is free of charge and confidential. They also provide interpreters. The service covers all of Northern Ireland and is delivered in partnership. They have advisors based in Belfast, Lurgan and Derry/Londonderry.


Target group(s): New and settled migrant communities

Website: migrantcentreni.org



Migrant Centre NI has received funding from Comic Relief to provide support for those struggling to maintain financial health and well-being.  To provide direct advice, support, guidance and referral services to migrants experiencing financial hardship within Northern Ireland.

They have two advisors to support migrants with advice and advocacy to avoid debt and maximise income. Interpreters are provided for anyone with specific language needs.


The Bi-lingual Support Workers  provide a one-stop shop model of services to victims of racist hate crime and incidents, whether they are settled ethnic minorities, migrant workers or asylum seekers and refugees. Interpreters are provided.

Advisors offer a client centred approach and work in partnership with others dedicated to principles of equality. This is a Northern Ireland wide service.

Type of product

Brief description of the product / outcome / method


Areas of support

·         Help with budgeting

·         Develop skills to manage monthly finances

·         Identify of current or prospective financial difficulties

·         Support to negotiate with creditors and referrals to appropriate advice organisations and financial support services for larger debts

·         Provision of welfare rights information, ensuring appropriate uptake of benefits and entitlements

·         Provision of advocacy and assistance with applications and appeals for welfare benefits, tax credits and other entitlements and referral to tribunal services where appropriate

·         Assistance and support to attend job centre interviews, appointments with the Social Security Agency, liaison with the HMRC etc. to avoid delays in payments and debt.

·         Identification of employment opportunities and skills training opportunities and assistance in accessing these opportunities

·         Organisation and delivery of financial health and awareness workshops throughout Northern Ireland



Areas of support

·         Provide a safe place to enable victims to share their experiences (listening through support) and encourage them to report the case to the local police station and to increase reporting to the police;

·         Risk assessments and exploration of options in order to respond to the needs of the victims and her/his family;

·         Draw up action plans that are agreed with the victims;

·         Assist victims to prepare police statements and accompany victims to attend police interviews;

·         Liaise regularly with PSNI in providing follow-up support;

·         Liaise with NIHE housing officers and officials regarding any rehousing needs;

·         Make referrals to local and/or regional organisations if necessary, in particular specialist assistance

·         Assist victims to make complaints to the relevant Ombudsman

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Name of organization / individual: Migrant Centre N.I

Country: United Kingdom

Website: migrantcentreni.org

Contacts: management@migrantcentreni.org

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