More than one perspective MTOP

MORE THAN ONE PERSPECTIVE (MTOP) is a social business with the goal of paving the way for companies to access undiscovered potentials. MTOP selects fugitive academics selectively for the MTOP Associate Program, prepares them for six months in 200 hours of training on the labor market rise and links them with suitable companies.

80% of Associates of the 1st MTOP Associate Program have already arrived at the labor market. The 2nd MTOP Associate Program has been running with 20 participants since March 2017 - we expect a similar success rate.


Target group(s): Academic refugees



The measures:

  • Specific workshops on the labor market
  • Professional shadowing days for companies application training
  •  Network Events
  • Final projects with companies
  • Personal coaching

Type of product

Course / Training

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

This initiative helps academic asylum and refugees to find a job which satisfy with their education.

Promoter of the initiative

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Country: Austria



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