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The language portal of the Austrian Integration Fund and the Österreichinstitut offers a wide range of offers to German learners and teachers alike:

·         Free round the clock Learn German with numerous materials, videos and podcasts

·         Service in 9 languages (German, English, French, Turkish, B / K / S, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Arabic)

·         Examination dates in all of Austria - contact with the examination institute of your choice or registration for the ÖIF examination

Overview of the course offer of the ÖIF as well as information on German course providers in Austria and abroad


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Multimedial and interactive: On the language portal, you will find multimedial elements for interactive learning like videos, listening, etc.
With the Language Portal on Citizenship: New land scientific materials bring you closer to culture, business and society
German language learning is now possible on all mobile devices!

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With the German skills they will be appropriate, refugees have more changes to find a good job and integrate better into the social life.

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Name of organization / individual: Österreichischer Integrations Fonds

Country: Austria



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