Value and orientation courses

Central components of the courses are the basic values of the Austrian constitution, such as equality of man and woman, human dignity and democratic principles. The courses also provide important prerequisites for life in Austria, such as the importance of German language skills and education as well as everyday knowledge for successful integration.

Focus of the value and orientation courses:

·         Principles of coexistence such as democracy, freedom of expression, freedom from violence, the rule of law

·         Diversity of coexistence: separation of religion and the state, voluntary commitment, family life and intercultural encounters

·         History and geography of Austria

·         The importance of language and education with information on the Austrian education system, schooling, teaching and dual education

·         The working world and the economy with information on the Austrian labor market and equality at work

·         Living and regulating good living together in the neighborhood

Information about the Austrian health system, preparedness and emergencies


Target group(s): Asylum and subsidiary protection and asylum seekers who are admitted to the procedure from the age of 15 onwards



The value and orientation courses are offered to asylum and subsidiary protection persons as well as to asylum seekers who are admitted to the procedure from the age of fifteen. In the courses held in German, interpreters are available for the most common native languages such as Arabic, Farsi / Dari, English and Russian for participants with little knowledge of German. Also the learning materials for the course were prepared in simple German as well as in Arabic, Farsi / Dari, Pashto, English and Russian for the target group. The courses have a seminar character and take place in small groups of about 15 people, lectures and discussion elements alternate. Women and men participate in the course offer.

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The asylum and subsidiary protection person get to know to the values of the culture in Austria. They also see how the life in Austria extends. Thereby they get the chance to integrate better in the social life and also in the labor market.

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Country: Austria



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