Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees/Migrants in Greece March-September 2016 EA (04) 2016   The improvement of protection and living conditions of refugees and migrants transiting in Greece and of vulnerable families living in Greece is the objective of this program.The Emergency Response program is the result of Caritas Hellas immediate response to the double-faceted humanitarian crisis which sprung out of the unprecedented inflow of refugees to our country as well as out of the current economic crisis in Greece, which impoverishes a constantly growing number of people.Caritas Hellas believes that all people shall be able to live with dignity, otherwise the injustice is great.

Year(s): 2016

Target group(s): refugees and migrants



Thus, this program aims to provide a dignified way for the most vulnerable refugees and migrants, as well as for Greek families, to meet their food and non-food needs and benefit from the available services.The program focuses on the following:
Psychosocial support for refugees and migrants. These services will be provided in the Social Service Center, in Athens, while in Lesvos and in Thessaloniki, they will be provided in the camps. Valid and timely information for issues of concern of the beneficiaries will also be provided.
Food security and nutrition: Hot food packages and supplementary food, such as fruits and vegetables, are distributed, while food is also contributed to soup kitchens.
Water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion: Water and septic tanks, chemical toilets, showers, mobile sanitation units and personal hygiene kits are provided.
Non Food Items: Clothes, raincoats and children’s items are distributed
Recreational activities for children in the camps (Lesvos) and in the Social Service Center in Athens. This way the children are entertained and prompted to develop skills, while their parents do not have to be concerned for them while they are benefiting from various program services.
Allowance: Pre-paid cash cards are distributed to refugees and migrants, so they can meet their basic needs in a dignified way, choosing to buy what they need, while simultaneously supporting the local market.
Protection of/communication with local communities. Caritas Hellas provides logistical support to the communities who have hosted and continue to host refugees (infrastructure work and/or infrastructure maintenance, creation of shading spaces, collection of rubbish). Furthermore, Caritas Hellas provides transportation from and to the camps, for refugees and migrants (Chios).

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Name of organization / individual: CARITAS-HELLAS

Country: Greece



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