D.I.S.Co.R.S.I. Migranti: Dialogo Interregionale sui Servizi in tema di COmpetenze, Residenza e Salute per l'Integrazione dei Migranti in Piemonte, Auvergne-RhôneAlpes e Catalogna

As part of the FAMI “D.I.S.Co.R.S.I. Migrants” project,  it has been developed a method of applying the process of validation and certification of non-formal and informal skills for foreigners, already envisaged and in use within the Piedmont Region for Italian citizens only. This project also provided training to qualified operators, for carrying out piloting activities with migrant citizens.

Year(s): 2016-2018

Target group(s): Migrant citizens (from third countries and permanently residing in Italy)

Website: https://migrazionicop.wordpress.com/


Updating path for operators aimed at testing methods for validating and certifying the skills of migrant citizens (specifically from third countries and permanently resident in Italy) on the basis of what is regulated by the "Consolidation Act of the Piedmont system for the certification of skills, the recognition of credits and professionals in charge of the system " (18 September 2017). Training for the validation of competencies through the procedure adopted in the Piedmont Region.

Type of product

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The general objective of the project is to contribute to improvereception and integration services dedicated tomigrants residing in Piedmont in terms of housing, health and professional inclusion, through a process of dialogue and interregional cooperation between institutional actors and the society of Piedmont Region, Auvergne-RhôneAlpes and Catalonia, leading,on the one hand,to analyze and share the respective models and experiment in Piedmont allinnovations emerging from good practices, and, on the other , strengthen the role of migrant associations in interacting with institutions and organizationsoffering/providingsuch services.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: COP – Consorzio Ong Piemontesi

Country: Italy

Website: http://www.ongpiemonte.it/

Contacts: Via Borgosesia, 30 - 10145 Torino Tel: 011/7412507 - Fax: 011/745261 cop@ongpiemonte.it presidenza@ongpiemonte.it ufficiostampa@ongpiemonte.it

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