NISABA project: Funded under the FONDO ASILO, MIGRAZIONE ED INTEGRAZIONE 2014-2020 programme

COURSES FOR WOMEN: 18 courses all over Piedmont for women victims of trafficking, violence, single women with dependent children, in conditions of illiteracy or semi-literacy in the mother tongue.

Each course lasts 36 hours with specific lexical theme (health, food, self-care, housework, childhood, etc.) addressed with visits to consultors, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, shops, women's services, places of formal aggregation etc.

COURSES FOR MINORS RISKING FOR EXCLUSION: 12 courses for minors (11-17 years) with extremely poor knowledge of the L2 language.

Each course has a duration of 36 hours and a specific lexical theme (leisure time, sport, school, adolescence, identity, etc.) addressed with visits to places of youth culture and animation, aggregation canters, libraries, schools, FP centres, sports clubs, Informagiovani, etc.


A2 LANGUAGE TRAINING COURSES WORKING CONTEXTS RELATED: 30 courses (24 hours each) all over Piedmont for men and women. The lexical topic is related to home care, catering, crafts, construction, agriculture and trade, presented through visits to cooperatives, companies, service associations operating in these areas and VET training laboratories.

Year(s): School years 2016/2017 – 2017/2018

Target group(s): Non-EU citizens with a residence permit, Non-EU women allegedly victims of trafficking and / or violence, Unaccompanied and / or unsafe minors



The teaching approach is the same for each type of course: at least 60% of the teaching activities will be outdoor with lessons carried out within the socio-cultural context. The remaining hours will be carried out in the classroom in order to prepare the visits and consolidate what has been learned/seen outdoor (roleplay, conversation, texts reading, reflection on vocabulary, etc.) using compensatory tools / learning facilitators such as the mobile learning kit.

The mobile learning kit consists in the elaboration of ad hoc material, lexical cards, glossaries, specific sitographies, etc. which converge into 3 educational kits (one for each type of course) made up of various materials that can be used on paper and online from PCs and mobile devices.

Type of product

□ Course / Training

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

To improve the level of knowledge of the Italian language and provide a specific job, social  and daily life related vocabulary.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: EnAIP Piemonte

Country: Italy


Contacts: Carmelina Nicola ENAIP PIEMONTE Piazza Satuto, 12 Torino

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