All Star Refugees

The All Star Refugees are a curling team made up of six North African asylum seekers. They name are: Kebba, Lamin, Seedia, James, Edward and Joseph. They are between 18 and 24 years of age. They come from Gambia and Sierra Leone. They are housed in Villa Olanda, in Luserna San Giovanni, and are followed by the Diaconia Valdese.

Year(s): 2017-2018

Target group(s): Migrants – Refugees – Asylum Seekers



Integration through sport: through a project, started in 2017 and managed by the Diaconia Valdese in co-operation with the Sporting Club of Pinerolo, a Curling Team was formed, totally composed of foreigners. The objective of this activity is to promote a path of inclusion through sports practice.

The team officially debuted in April 2017 in a competition against a mixed training  team of Pinerolo Torino 2006.

In the summer of 2017 the team participated in an internship and subsequently started its activities  with more than one training sessions per week. For them the next objective to pursue is officially participate in the territorial curling championship.

Type of product

□ Video clips / Films

□ Other Integration project (promote integration through sport)

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The project allowed the launch of similar initiatives including the creation of a refugees football team: the"Black Stars". This kind of activity has a very high transferability potential and allows a good integration with the society giving the opportunity to the beneficiaries to emerge and retrain their image in territories where the reception and integration are still difficult to manage for a question of cultural rigidity.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: DIACONIA VALDESE

Country: Italy


Contacts: Via Angrogna 18 – 10066 Torre Pellice +39 0121 953122

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