Wijkacademie opvoeden (Local Academy for child raising)

Migrant/refugee mothers are supported and educated to improve and learn more about their child raising skills. They form an academy to support other mothers (and fathers) and their children by organizing activities such as starting a library for children books. This has as a purpose to promote reading by mothers with their children.    

Year(s): 2016

Target group(s): Migrant and refugee women (and fathers) and their children

Website: www.deverbindingnederland.nl


Learning child raising skills, exchanging of experiences. Promoting reading of mothers to their children. Migrant women learn to organize activities for other women and their families. 

A Local Academy for Child raising is based on the principle of learning from each other. A core group of parents from different backgrounds talks about their experiences with, and questions around, parenting. Together they choose important themes to address in the neighborhood and they look for creative ways to involve other parents and residents of the neighborhood. In the Netherlands there are almost twenty Neighborhood Academies, they are part of the national project Wijkacademies Opvoeden and more. This project originated at the request of migrant parents and conceived together with them.   


Type of product

- course/training

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Improving child raising skills by meeting and exchanging experiences and ideas.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Migrant/refugee women (and fathers) learn about the impact they have on their children and how to change their attitude in a more stimulating manner. They feel empowered to organize activities for others about child raising and family matters. Thereby stimulating each other to integrate successfully in the Dutch society.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: De Verbinding

Country: Netherlands

Website: www.deverbindingnederland.nl

Contacts: hans.schellekens@planet.nl; gm.nijssen@gmail.com

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