Social Mediation and Civic Support for the Refugees in Bulgaria

The main aim of the project is to facilitate the initial orientation and adaptation of newcomer refugees and asylum seekers in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, through social mediation, consultations, provision of information and institutional representation.

Under the project, the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria has established an “Information centre for consultation and social support for refugees and asylum seekers” which accepts refugees daily and prepares a social evaluation of the separate cases.

Year(s): 2014 - ongoing

Target group(s): Newcomer refugees and asylum seekers



The project activities cover the following areas:

-          Support in clarifying the rights and obligations of refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria

-          Interpretation, support in filling in documents, accompaniment to institutions

-          Support in meeting the educational needs of children from families of refugees and asylum seekers

-          Support in meeting the basic needs and ensuring normal living conditions of refugees and asylum seekers

-          Help in emergency situations – hospital visits, examinations, etc.

-          Individual and group consultations with parents regarding the basic needs of their children; consultations of pregnant women

Type of product

Consultations and social mediation ; Providing humanitarian aid

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

The Information centre has five social workers (who speak Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, English, French and Bulgarian) and they accompany the newcomer refugees and asylum seekers to governmental and other institutions, inform them about their rights and obligations under the Bulgarian legislation, provide information about access to healthcare services, social support, etc., interpret on behalf of the project beneficiaries and help them in filling in and submitting documents at different institutions.  

The project also develops a mechanism for directing the beneficiaries at partner organisations in case of identified needs which are not covered by the activities of the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.

The project has developed a network for collecting funds, communicating with donors (private and corporate) and working with the media.

The project activities directed towards distribution and supply of materials are supported through the established Storage point which provides humanitarian aid and accepts donations.  

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The results of the project include consultations and humanitarian aid provided to 2,153 asylum seekers and 878 refugees.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria

Country: Bulgaria



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