Dream Status

What is Dream Status (DroomStatus)?

DroomStatus guides status holders towards sustainable integration. For 6 months, status holders are actively guided by certified trainers and buddies from the business world: 10 weeks of training and 16 weeks of guidance to work. Finding at the end the job that the status holder dreams of and has the right competences for. DroomStatus also provides active support for the employers, for the supervision of the team on the work floor. 

Year(s): since 2016

Target group(s): status holders

Website: www.droomstatus.nl


An innovative, European award-winning methodology that makes the difference. DroomStatus believes in mutual integration.

In order to increase the chances for the target group, a method has been devised that addresses problems migrants experience in an interactive presentation training written from the perspective of the migrant. This training is called ‘Spreek je uit’ (Speak out).

‘Speak Out!’ is an interactive language and presentation training in which the participant becomes aware of himself, the people around him, his own abilities and his own wishes. The participant learns playfully to act on life-like situations, without having to let go of his/her own identity and background. The participant learns to set and determine his own goals, to build his own network.

In the process, the participant will discuss three essential questions: What do I want? What do I need for this? And how am I going to realize this? The program consists of an interactive language and presentation method that teaches the participants to present themselves adequately and assertively , the so called 'Dutch way'. The participant becomes self-reliant, aware of his or her own ability and knowledge (competencies) and can use these competences. 

Type of product

- paper based material

- training

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Guidance towards improving the opportunities of migrants to find suitable occupation and integrate better in society.    

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

A large number of status holders are eager to build an active life in the new country.

Many municipalities in the Netherlands (and Europe) are faced with the task of integrating status holders, who are often in a benefit situation, within the labor process. 

There is a growing shortage of employees in various sectors within the Netherlands and Europe.

By this unique scientifically validated program a sustainable labour integration of status holders is made possible and is transferable to other regions and countries.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: IVC

Country: Netherlands

Website: www.ivcdenhelder.nl

Contacts: Marlies Pfann, i.vrouwen@kpnmail.nl; +31(0)650465692

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