Women empowerment by language 2.0 (Vrouwen vooruit met taal 2.0)

Volunteers support migrant and/or refugee women with their empowerment through language and cultural learning. Learning through encounters between families of different ethical origins. Volunteers spend time with the migrant/refugee women and thus practice Dutch. Together they go to relevant places to widen the scope and learn more about Dutch life and chances to develop their skills.

Year(s): 2 years

Target group(s): Migrant and refugee women (and fathers) and their children

Website: www.meandsociety.com


Supported by the municipality of Rotterdam, the 'Me & society' foundation brings together 40 Rotterdam women. Twenty women who have a good command of the Dutch language are linked as language teaching volunteers to twenty women who do not (sufficiently) master the Dutch language. The intention is for these women to find a better way to find their way in health care and also to learn how to make time for themselves, since their care tasks are already heavy enough.

After a number of training courses, the language volunteers are linked one-on-one to the participating women. For 6 months the couples pull together to practice the language and to spend nice time together visiting different places and learning about Dutch society, customs and traditions. At the end of these 6 months the participants learn to speak and understand Dutch better and on the other hand the language volunteers gain experience in working with people.    

Type of product

- online resource

- paper based material

- course/training

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Language course and social activities for practicing Dutch and improving integration and social inclusion of migrant women.    

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Migrant and refugee women feel empowered and more capable of finding their way in the Dutch society and therefore feel encouraged to develop their skills. On the other hand the volunteers gain new experience and skills. The methodology is easily transerable to other target groups and regions.  

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Me & Society

Country: Netherlands

Website: www.meandsociety.com

Contacts: M.chavoushi@meandsociety.com, gm.nijssen@gmail.com

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