Handbook on the integration of persons who have been granted asylum or international protection in municipalities

The Handbook aims to provide municipalities, as well as all stakeholders, with the maximum amount of information and guidance required to foster and support the refugee integration process. It reinforces and is based on the legal framework developed in support of integration.

In developing it, the authors have endeavoured to keep to practically oriented content by providing useful advice, ideas and comments applicable in municipalities’ day-to-day operation, relating to relevant regulations, suggesting sample document forms, and presenting good national and international practices concerning the integration of foreigners who have been granted refugee or humanitarian status.

The Handbook also makes aware of the institutions that could give further information on specific types of support, including the available sources of funding — an issue of primary importance.

Year(s): 2017

Target group(s): Stakeholders involved in the integration process

Website: http://en.redcross.bg/files/1516-BRC_Narachnik_Integration_last_eng.pdf


The Handbook is designed to elaborate on and suggest practical measures to bridge and act as liaison between fundamental principles and practical realities. It puts forward concepts concerning the implementation of legal provisions based on local and international good practices applied over the years. It also emphasises the importance of employing flexible and innovative approaches, as well as the view that there is no common model applicable in all situations.

Type of product

Online resource ; Handbook

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

The Handbook contains:

Section I: Foreword – Rational behind the development of the Handbook, aims, legal instruments considered and an address from the authors and collaborators.

Section II: How to integrate persons who have been granted asylum or international protection within the municipality — stages, parties involved and responsibilities

Section III: Annexes:

-          Annex 1 - Sample Forms and Documents

-          Annex 2 - List of Applicable Legislation

-          Annex 3 - List of NGOs and Other Organisations Providing Services and Support to Persons who have been Granted Asylum or International Protection

-          Annex 4 - Good Practices

-          Annex 5 - Useful Resources

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The Handbook is intended to be used by and to inform primarily local authorities such as mayors of municipalities, municipal councils and municipal administrations. It can also be used by other interested parties involved in the integration process, such as government institutions, NGOs, employer organisations, entities providing public services in the healthcare, education and social fields, and by anyone interested in and empathising with these people’s fate on professional or simply humane grounds.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Bulgarian Red Cross ; UNHCR Representative Office in Bulgaria (financial support) ; Anna Andreeva and Plamen Petrov (authors)

Country: Bulgaria

Website: http://en.redcross.bg/files/1516-BRC_Narachnik_Integration_last_eng.pdf

Contacts: m.stoyanova@redcross.bg

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