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Start with a Friend is a charitable organization that promotes societal participation of refugees. We support refugees by pairing them with locals into so called "tandem partnerships". We bring them together with locals to help them one on one with the new challenges they are facing in Germany because we believe that integration can only work if people get a chance to play an active role in society. We promote encounters that are personal and uncomplicated, as well as long-term connections as equals.


Target group(s): refugees



Start with a Friend wants to give everyone a chance to participate according to their personal interests. We create a framework for such a commitment to organize life around family, job, and voluntary work. There are different ways to become active with Start with a Friend: If you want to get in contact with refugees, you can sign up as a tandem partner (local). If you'd like to train your intercultural competences, you can become an intercultural mediator or join a local Event or PR-Team. Time management is always highly flexible and the role customized according to your situation.

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In all of Germany, Start with a Friend has been able to initiate more than 3,200 tandem partnerships since the official launch in April 2015. (updated February 2018)

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Country: Germany



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