contact! detmold is a Christian coalition for action "Help for Refugees". Under this umbrella organization, various churches, but also citizens of the city of Detmold work together to meet and help refugees from different parts of our world.


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contact! detmold is a non-denominational Christian alliance of action. The ecumenical idea is supportive. The involvement of all parishes on the ground is worthwhile. ◾contact! Detmold serves the refugees in "word and deed" according to the Gospel, respecting the respective religion of our guests in the spirit of a credible welcome culture. The areas and locations of urban dormitories and properties are religiously neutral. ◾contact! Detmold works for the urban department 1 / Meeting Center / Coordination Volunteer for Refugees and is integrated with its offers in the overall urban offer. ◾The offer includes language courses, leisure and sports activities, family reunions, open cafes, child care, raising money and items, Arabic / Persian bible and discussion groups, international services and much more. ◾Med by the Peter-Gläsel-Stiftung, donations are administered and, in accordance with their intended use, provided within the framework of the Alliance to support specific projects and expenses.

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