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Many refugees and newcomers are planning to study in Germany or to continue their studies. As you might have experienced yourself, it’s rather hard to orientate yourself at university at the beginning. Your buddy might assist you with the following:

•At the beginning of the semester the Buddies are going to show the participant the university library, the student’s cafeteria etc. and, if desired, attend the first lectures with him or her.

•In the first few weeks it might be helpful to attend lectures together. Furthermore you should be able to support him or her with organisational or administrative problems that might occur.

•The Buddies will guide you about possibilities for university access or alternative education.

•Or you just simply go for a coffee or see if you share the same interests. Meetings for all the participants in the Buddy programme The team of the Offene Uni will be organising regular and compulsory meetings. Please excuse yourself in case of absence. The meetings are very important for the organisation team in order to improve the programme. The meetings will be about the following topics:

•We are going to exchange information, talk about organisational questions, present current developments and talk about problems.

•Furthermore we are going to plan joint activities (participation is voluntary)

•If you are interested in doing even more, you can join the organisation team and help planning special activities.


Target group(s): refugees, who are interested in studying



•establishment of a special programme with corresponding advisors, a website etc.

•office hours for refugees

•admission of refugees with an exchange-student-like status (tuition remission, opportunity to earn credits)

•exemption from fees for guest auditors

•simplified verification and admission procedures for refugees whose documents have gone missing

•increase in the number of places in the preparatory language courses

•establishment of free higher level language courses (the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees BAMF only pays for language courses up to B1-level)

•increase in the number of places at the Studienkolleg

•financial aid counseling for refugees •free semester tickets by the public transportation services

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The initiative Open Uni Heidelberg speaks up for an easier access to university for refugees because of their particular situation. We want to offer advice to all of those who have an academic background or wish to pursue higher education. Many refugees whose education has been interrupted by their flight are keen on continuing their studies and put to use the German skills they have attained in language and integrative/integration courses. Presently, we are in contact with administrative officials from both the Heidelberg University and University of Education to find out what options might be considered.

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Country: Germany



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