Sharehaus Refugio

The Refugio is a workshop of the Sharehaus and the Berlin City Mission e.V .. In Berlin Neukölln, people living and working on five floors live and work. Refuge, community and a new home for worldwalkers of all cultures are in the foreground here. Unique abilities and talents of the refugees are to be explored and promoted.

In a coaching program everyone can learn German with pleasure, start a meaningful education or find work. In an individual program, all residents are required to contribute their skills in the home and in the neighborhood. Together, an upcycling café is operated in the foyer and on the roof terrace, events and a neighborhood market are organized in the large hall. In co-working and workshops, social enterprises and networks are being developed with friendly initiatives. It is cooked together, shared stories, stories and experiences, sung and told. There is optimism and a positive climate, compassion, rejection and crisis are out of place here. For 12-18 months the residents live together like in a shared flat - a living community life!


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