Chor der Nationen

The chorus of nations is a mixed choir with singers (men and women) from many nations. The choir is formed in all the places where diversity is recognised as a strength. The music is the mother tongue of humanity, regardless of their origin, culture and religion. The chorus members meet regularly, sing in the national language (German) an as well as in the many different languages of the country of origin.The rehearsals also offer the opportunity for dancing, laughing and socialising.

The purpose of the Choir of Nations is meeting and exchange. Shared musical practice forms the basis for new experiences. In this new and shared experience everyone learns. Linguistic and cultural differences are experienced as enriching and full of potential.

The Choir of Nations is a form of practiced integration with public resonance. A concert choir is committed to musical works and their musical historical traditions. The Choir of Nations is committed to human beings and their orientation in a multicultural and sometimes polarising and excluding society.

A Choir for Everybody: Making music requires shared competences from everyone and this strengthens communion. Common ground and differences are not seen as a contradiction. Making music improves everyone's quality of life, independent of their language, culture or religion. The Choir of Nations makes music in which everyone can participate.

A Choir of Integration: Vitality is also evidenced by the differences between the locations. Immigrant population consolidates and adds its own accents. Its educational background, professional perspectives and generations of immigration impart a specific character to each of our choirs.

Whether a person comes from a third world country like Somalia or from an industrial nation like Germany: The Choir of Nations offers new contacts and professional intercultural choral direction to one and all.

Year(s): 2007

Target group(s): Anyone who loves singing and music and enjoys change. Men and women of all nations, from age 16. Anyone who is ready and able to participate regularly in the rehearsals. Anyone who has a basic oral knowledge of German. German is practised and consolidated



The Choir of Nations works on the basis of cooperative, social and intercultural learning. The choir members come from many cultures and their prior education, musical knowledge and cultural backgrounds vary greatly. Every choir member experiences how exciting and difficult it can be to learn songs in foreign languages and unaccustomed rhythms. Experiences of incertitude and certitude thus alternate for all choir members.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Teaching and Learning: Synchronous joint learning in the choir is complemented by asynchronous self-directed learning, be it individually or in small groups. Assistance is provided here by the simply structured online learning platform, where all choir members can participate with equal opportunity in contents and issues. This helps to optimise self-direction as a central factor of integration, while also providing a low-threshold access to information in the internet.

Elements of the choir practice:

·         voice training

·         song coaching

·         training in movement

·         training in rhythm 

·         learning the correct pronunciation through native speakers in the choir

·         conveyance of the cultural context by choir members

Online Learning Platform:

·         everyone can learn the voices and pronunciation at their own speed

·         choir members can download or upload additional information relating to the songs

·         choir members can access internal information pertaining to the choir

·         choir members can enjoy an additional opportunity for exchange (forum, chat etc.)

Structured and Informal Learning: Structured learning - involving obligatory choir practices, sheet music, handling and use of technical tools such as internet and mp3, internal and external trainings - is complemented by informal learning, which also plays an important role in this choir. It includes:

·         handling linguistic and cultural differences

·         accessing cultural backgrounds and understanding

·         realising and experiencing the effects of social exclusion and recognition

coping with public appearances 

Working together in the Choir of Nations fuels the motivation to acquire new skills. Gaps in knowledge can be successfully filled with the help of trusted people. This provides new experiences and helps to gain specific knowledge for the choir.

Type of product

Online resource

Course / Training

Practices, Rehearsals and Performances

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Active participation in the choir and trainin/learning resources.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

All cultures and societies have their own music. Hence every society has the potential for reconciliation and communication through choral music. 

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Choir on Nations


Contacts: Chor der Nationen Solothurn Postfach 252 4501 Solothurn President: Albert Weibel Secretary: Brunie Gutedel

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