Good Practices from the NGO “Equal Society”

Is a NGO based in Athens, Greece, which offers supporting services to migrants who are living in the greater Athens area. 

For its services the organization “Equal Society” have awarded with the price ΝησίδεςΠοιότητας2013”by the President of the Greek Democracy.

Officials from Holland have visited the organization in order to be informed about the wide range of its activities.

The main office of the organization is in the center of Athens.

Address: 1 Santarosa str. Athens 10564

Telephone: +302117051841

Year(s): 2010-2017

Target group(s): Migrants in Athens



This organization aims to help governmental organizations:

a)      To the faster integration of migrants in the local society,

b)      To provide to them meals at a daily base, in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens,

c)      To organize for the migrants language courses,

d)     To advise the migrants at personal and professional level.

Type of product

The Organization is offering to the migrants:

a) Language training in Greek and other languages,

b) Basic knowledge on ICT Applications,

c) Works for the validation of certificates and diplomas,

d) Councelling services in order to help them to overcome every day difficulties.

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

To implement its training and other activities the Organization is using mainly instructors who are speaking Arabic.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The initiatives of the Organization have a direct impact on the migrants societies because they may have:

a) Access to meals, free of any charge,

b) Access to medical care free of any charge.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Equal Society

Country: Greece



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