Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership

Northern Irealnd Strategic Partnership (NISMP) is a multi-agency, cross-party and cross departmental body working to reflect the regionally specific needs of Northern Ireland in the development and implementation of UK immigration policy.  It is an independent body made up of relevant stakeholders.  It is hosted by its lead partner, Northern Ireland Local Government Agency and is funded by the UK Border Agency.

Year(s): Established 2011

Target group(s): Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers




  • Encourages and facilitates collaboration bewteen regional, national and local government and the UK Border Agency
  • Fosters productive debate on migration issues amongst partners
  • Monitiors migration impacts trends and rasies awareness of issues, risks and opportunities
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of migration policy
  • Works with local delivery partners to advise on the design and delivery of servcies for migrants which meets local need
  • Engages with key stakeholders across sectors

Type of product

Types of products includes:

  • Production of an at a glance guide to the rights and entitlements of different categories of migrants
  • Migrant crisies fund to help support service providers dealing with individuals with no recourse to public funds
  • Preparing responses to consultations from UKBA on employment related settlement and family migration, outlining issues specific to Northern Ireland
  • Compiling data on labour market and skills shortages and establshing a sub group to deal with the specific economic issues relating to migration in the region
  • Promotion of best practices

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Work is being done in the following key areas to achieve outcomes:

  • Strategic and policy work
  • Providing and sharing information
  • Addressing awareness of migration issues
  • Encourgaing and supporting collaborative working relationships across organisations in the region
  • initiating pilot and project activities pf regional benefit

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential


NISMP works across spheres of gevernment, private and voluntary sectors in the region to ensure Northern Ireland is a welcoming place for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and supports the retention and intagtration of people in a waywhich meets skills and labour requirements to support future economic growth.

NISMP plays a strategic leadership, advisory and coordination role for migration in the region.

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership

Country: United Kingdom



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