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Migrant Help are a leading national charity offering support, guidance and accommodation to vulnerable migrants across the UK. Whether someone has fled persecution, escaped from slavery or found themselves in a situation that they do not understand, Migrant Help offers advice, support and a place of safety. Over the past 50 years, Migrant Help has developed services and projects based on our core belief of listening, understanding and supporting individual vulnerable migrants. Migrant Help offers a range of services across the UK.

Year(s): Established 1963

Target group(s): Vulnerable migrants, Asylum seekers

Website: www.migranthelpuk.org


Migrant Help: Offers clients (vulnerable migrants) the advice and support they need to feel safe and lead successful lives in the UK. Assist victims of human trafficking and modern slavery on their path to recovery and work with other agencies to combat this abhorrent crime. Promote the values of equality, diversity, inclusiveness and empathy, enabling migrants to become parts of their local communities. Inform governments and policy makers to ensure fair and consistent processes are in place to assist those seeking refuge in the UK.

Type of product

Advice and guidance to asylum seekers Specialist support for Victims of Trafficking Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme

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Advice and guidance to asylum seekers Migrant have been helping people who are fleeing from persecution, war and torture for over 50 years. Today, they are the leading UK organisation providing asylum advice and guidance services in the UK. Asylum Advice UK Migrant Helps Asylum Advice UK service offers information and advice about the asylum process in the UK. Their Asylum Advice UK teams, located across the UK can advise on issues such as: ◾How to claim asylum ◾Financial support ◾Finding legal representation ◾The asylum process ◾Accessing health care ◾Accommodation support ◾Any other asylum issues Asylum Support Application (UK) Migrant Help's Asylum Support Application (UK) teams can provide clients with help to complete theirapplication form for support (financial and/or accommodation). Their teams can assist with: ◾Completing an application for support for current asylum applicants (section95) ◾Completing an application for support for fully refused asylum applicants (section 4) ◾Notifying the Home Office of a change of circumstance Specialist support for Victims of Trafficking Migrant help provide victims of human trafficking with the practical and emotional support they need to rebuild their lives. Migrant Help’s Victim Support Service helps survivors of slavery on the road to well-being. Staff are committed to ensuring survivors – both male and female – are provided with a safe and supportive environment, a place of recovery where victims are supported to process their past, rebuild their confidence, develop skills and gain control over their lives again. Migrant Help work with adult male and female survivors (and their dependents) of all forms of modern day slavery; labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced criminality and other forms of human trafficking. Migrant help assist survivors to access the services they need in order to progress on the recovery journey. They provide: ◾Safe, secure accommodation and material assistance (including clothing, meals and other basic necessities) ◾Emergency medical treatment and access to other healthcare (including dentists and opticians) ◾Access to substance misuse support, psychological support and mental health services, legal aid, advice, Asylum Help, English lessons, art therapy, sports initiatives and assistance services ◾Assistance in family reunification / mediation or simple contact with family and friends ◾Assistance in seeking employment and permanent accommodation if permitted to reside in the UK Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme Migrant Help assist people resettled under this government scheme to settle into their new communities and to access all the support they require. Migrant Help currently provides this service in East Kent and throughout Essex. Migrant Help: Support the individuals and families during the process of settling down in their new communities, learning English, accessing healthcare, education, employment opportunities and other local services. Facilitate referrals to specialist services to help those who struggle with the traumatic experiences they faced before coming to country. Their dedicated advisers work closely with other agencies, both statutory and voluntary, as well as local community groups, as we believe that this approach gives the beneficiaries the best start of their new life in the UK.

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Country: United Kingdom

Website: www.migranthelpuk.org


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