Helping hands

Helping hands is a nongovernmental organization, which helps refugees and asylum seeker to integrate. This initiative organizes and leads many projects to enable refugees to live in a safe country. Helping hands is specialized in legal aid. The NGO exists in three states in Austria; Graz, Linz and Salzburg.

Helping Hands Linz is an association founded to provide legal aid for refugees in Linz and its surroundings. The aim is to give free assistance where it is needed most. Helping hands dedicated members offer individual and specific support regarding legal issues related to asylum claims in Austria.

The free legal aid for asylum seekers includes information regarding asylum law and European regulations, legal consulting about the provision with basic suppliers, legal aid during the asylum procedure and preparation of legal papers.


Target group(s): Refugees and asylum seekers



The methodology of helping hands is that the organization wants to inform the refugees and the asylum seeker, what kind of rights they have in Austria. Sometimes the legal structures are very difficult to understand; that’s the reason why helping handy offers workshops to explain the rights and what refugees have to do to live in Austria.

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Through helping hands migrants get to know about their rights in Austria.

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Country: Austria



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