Caritas Austria

Caritas supports and consults people in difficult life situations, regardless of their ethnicity, nationality or religious beliefs. The voices of those migrants and refugees in Austria who are in a difficult situation are often overheard. Caritas is convinced that paying attention to the poorest and to disadvantaged groups is of great significance for society as a whole. Based on these values our support of migrants and refugees is one of the fields of activity for Caritas. Caritas offers consulting for asylum seekers, for migrants and return assistance and reintegration. For migrants and refugees there is a “Lerncafe” for the integration in education. It is an initiative for integration, based on studying in groups. Caritas provides accommodation for migrants in all states of Austria.


Target group(s): Migrants & Refugees



Caritas stands for humanity and esteem. This organization helps people in crisis and poverty. The strategy of Caritas is the support to self-help; that means that the organization works together with the people to shape their present and their future.

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Name of organization / individual: Caritas Austria

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