Grenzenlos – Interkultureller Austausch

"Grenzenlos" is a non-profit and independent association, which is supported by its members.
"Grenzenlos" supports voluntary and civil society involvement as well as the critical examination of social contexts. On an individual level, the activities of the association aim at personal development and further education in order to reduce personal boundaries.
At the local and global level, boundless respect for cultural and social diversity is needed to overcome ideational and geographical boundaries. In this way, theywant to promote a responsible approach to our fellow human beings and the environment, thus contributing to peace in the world.

Year(s): Since 1949

Target group(s): Migrants



"Granzenlos" endeavors to promote a better understanding between locals and immigrants.
Inclusion: "Grenzenlos" involves young people with special needs in international camps and volunteer services, which are held in Austria.
Mentoring: "Grenzenlos" organizes mentoring programs for immigrants to facilitate their integration into Austrian society.
Boundless @ schools: „Grenzenlos“ schools offer intercultural awareness workshops for the duration of 90 minutes.
Teaming consultations: "Grenzenlos" advises teams that receive international "growth", as well as individuals or groups who are preparing for a stay abroad.
Travel preparations: "Grenzenlos" offers sensitizing preparatory meetings for travelers.
Online language courses: "Grenzenlos" strives to promote "smaller" languages within the limits of Grenzenlos Online courses

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Migrants could learn the language; become some advice for the integration. Through the german language skills they could easier find a job and that’s a reason to the reduction of the unemployment rate.

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Country: Austria



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