Enhancing social and economic activity of third country immigrants from the territory of South East Region in Bulgaria

The aim of the project is to create friendly and accessible conditions for the citizenship orientation and integration of non-EU immigrants residing in the Southeastern region of Bulgaria and to provide the tools to ease the long-term adaptation process of non-EU nationals to the Bulgarian society while preserving their cultural and ethnic identities.

The presence of adequate information concerning the topics of interest to non-EU nationals and its accessibility online at any time allows the immigrants to successfully find their way in key aspects – such as housing, job opportunities, education etc. It also introduces them the host country’s administrative system.

An important aspect of the project is the continued feedback through online questionnaires and email. Upon the completion of an online educational module, the users will be able to send their opinion and suggestions to the project team of experts.

Year(s): 2011

Target group(s): Immigrants; Third country nationals

Website: www.userla-immigrants.com


The project uses training materials grouped in 4 modules, each of which upgrades upon the previous and creates a basis for the subsequent module. The modules are based on video clips and cover Bulgarian language, Citizenship orientation, Entrepreneurship and starting a business, History and cultural traditions. There is also an additional section for children presenting colors, animals and Bulgarian fairy tales as animation. 

The description and content of the modules are available in Bulgarian, English and Russian.

The separate modules are described in detail below.

Type of product

Online resource

Video clips / Films

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

- Bulgarian language, including basic language knowledge, communication skills, reading and writing skills – This module includes basic knowledge of the spoken and written language rules – alphabet, consonants and vowels, question words, word order, verbs and nouns. The module features interactive movie clips with sample dialogues typically encountered in real-world situations, such as: getting acquainted with a person, visiting a restaurant, shopping, and a job interview, among others. To facilitate the learning of some specific aspects of the language, a number of useful topics have been included – number words and their forming in the written and spoken language, reading the clock and related specific aspects in the Bulgarian language, directions and seasons. All those movie clips are created with consideration for the language specifics and are meant to help people with no prior knowledge of the language. 

- Citizenship Orientation – The citizenship orientation module covers basic things like the national anthem and coat of arms of Bulgaria, and the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government. The regional and national institutions dealing with immigration matters are also covered, including a full list of such institutions in the municipalities in the Southeastern region of Bulgaria. Also included are helpful tips about enlisting your children in a school or kindergarten, and how to register a vehicle.

- Entrepreneurship and starting a business – The entrepreneurship and starting a business module covers the legal framework and various regulations related to starting your own business. In this module you can find the various related state institutions and laws, and the opportunities for starting your own business. Covered are the Commercial Law basics, the Bulgarian Labor Code and social security law. A separate module covers the first steps in starting your own business.

- History and cultural traditions – In these modules we lay out the basic and most characteristic aspects of Bulgarian customs and traditions. Special short movies explain the beliefs and rituals related to most religious holidays in Bulgaria – Christmas, Saint George’s Day, Saint Nicholas Day . The rich national folklore is represented in separate modules – Nestinarstvo (firewalking), Kukerstvo (mummers). A special module introduces the viewer to the most important events in national history. The latter modules introduce UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria, and some of the largest cities in the country.

- Additional section for children – colors, animals and Bulgarian fairy tales presented with favourite cartoon characters and animations.   

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The project covers the territories of the municipalities of Sliven, Burgas, Yambol, and Stara Zagora. The project is aimed at providing the tools to ease the long-term adaptation process of non-EU nationals to the Bulgarian society while preserving their cultural and ethnic identities.

The project provides a useful approach and structured modules for supporting social inclusion of migrants. It can be transferred and applied also for other regions and municipalities in Bulgaria as well as adapted to different languages and countries.

Detailed information on the project is available in Bulgarian, English and Russian at www.userla-immigrants.com

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Union of South-East Region Local Authorities

Country: Bulgaria

Website: www.userla-immigrants.com

Contacts: mail@userla-immigrants.com

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