The integration agreement is a tool aimed at facilitating the integration of foreign nationals, the state undertakes to support their integration process 

Year(s): 1998

Target group(s): Foreign nationals who: - enter Italy for the first time; - file an application to obtain residence permits for a duration of at least 1 year; - are aged at least 16 years. In case of minors aged between 16 and 18, the agreement is signed by parents or by



WHERE TO SIGN THE AGREEMENT: The agreement is signed at the Prefecture– One-stop shop for migration, by foreign nationals who enter Italy for work reasons or for family reunification purposes, or at the Police Headquarters in case of entry for other reasons.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SIGNING THE AGREEMENT: Sixteen (16) creditsare assigned at the moment of signing the agreement. Within three months after signing the agreement, foreign nationals are invited to participate in a civic training session about life in Italy. The non-attendance of this training session leads to the loss of 15 credits.

SUSPENSION OR EXTENSION OF THE AGREEMENT UPON REQUEST: The agreement may be suspended or extended at the request of foreign nationals, through the filing of suitable documents attesting: - severe health or family problems; - work reasons; - attendance of training, lifelong and orientation courses; - attendance of apprenticeship; - attendance of vocational training and orientation ; - study abroad.

ASSESSMENT OF THE AGREEMENT: One month before the expiry of the agreement, the One-Stop shop assesses the level of integration achieved by requesting foreign nationals to submit the documents needed to receive additional credits. Foreign nationals living in the province of Bolzano will also receive credits for tests made in German. Should the foreign nationals lack the necessary documents, they may ask to be tested to prove the degree of knowledge of the Italian language, culture and civics needed to comply with the agreement. The assessment may lead to three different outcomes: - SETTLEMENT OF THE agreement: the foreigner has reached an appropriate level of integration (30 credits or more); - EXTENSION OF THE agreement FOR ONE YEAR: the foreign national has not reached a sufficient number of credits to allow the settlement of the agreement (1 to 29 credits); - TERMINATION OF THE agreement: the foreign nationals has not reached an appropriate level of integration; his/her residence permit is revoked and he/she is expelled from the national territory (0 credits or less).

ONLINE CONSULTATION OF THE STATUS OF THE AGREEMENT: During the period of validity of the agreement, foreign nationals may access the Website, in order to check: - the credits obtained; - the schedule set for the tests. To this end, at the moment of signing the agreement foreign nationals will receive instructions to access the on-line functions.

Type of product


Brief description of the product / outcome / method

The constitution of a civil registry including all people who undertook and signed the agreement. The document contains personal data, protocol number of the signed agreement and all credits obtained. 

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Ministry of Interior

Country: Italy



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