SPRAR - Protection System for Asylum seekers and Refugees

The main purpose of this system is not related to a first assistance to people arriving in Italy but is meant to grant a proper process of integration (social and economic) for people already holding a form of international protection (see refugees...)

The SPRAR has two main objectives:

-to provide assistance and protection measures to each beneficiary;
-to favour the integration process through the acquisition of a renewed autonomy.

It is carachterized by a form of hospitality in small centres where refugees take care and manage their own accommodation and meals. This form of reception is recognized as more efficient under an integration point of view. 

Year(s): 2001

Target group(s): Asylum seekers and Refugees

Website: www.sprar.it


The primary objective of SPRAR is to provide support for each individual in the reception system, through implementation of an individual programme designed to enable that person to regain a sense of independence, and thus enable effective involvement in life in Italy, in terms of:

- Emplyement 
- Housing integration
- Access to local services
- Social interaction
- Scholastic integration for
- Minors

Type of product

Recption dedicated project

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

The Protection System for Asylum seekers and Refugees (SPRAR) forms a network of “second reception” centres for applicants and International protection holders.
- the promotion and development of stable, solid and interactive local networks, with the involvement of all stakeholders and priority partners in order to ensure the success of the reception, protection and integration measures implemented for indivdualswho are seeking or have been granted international protection
 - the voluntary participation of local institutions in the network of reception projects
 -the reinforcement (or implementation) of local services, designed to profit the entire community, both indigenous and migrant.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Local institutions, in partnership with the voluntary sector, implement local reception projects, bringing together SPRAR’s guidelines and standards with the characteristics and specific factors affecting the local area. 

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani (ANCI)

Country: Italy

Website: http://www.anci.it/


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