Aiming at bringing and accommodate 1000 highly vulnerable refugees in Italy in 2 years.


1. To avoid journeys on the boats in the Mediterranean, which have already caused a high number of deaths, including many children;

2. To avoid human trafficking, preventing the exploitation of human traffickers who do business with those who flee from wars;

3. To grant to people in "vulnerable conditions" ( victims of persecution, torture and violence, as well as families with children, elderly people, sick people, persons with disabilities) legal entry on Italian territory with humanitarian visa, with the possibility to apply for asylum.

Year(s): 2017

Target group(s): Refugees



Associations send volunteers who make direct contact with refugees in the countries were the project works, they prepare a list of potential beneficiaries to be transmitted to the Italian consular authorities, and after a check by the Ministry of Interior, the issue humanitarian visas with "limited territorial validity", that means valid only for Italy. Once the refugees arrive in Italy legally and safely, they can apply for asylum.

Once in Italy, the refugees are welcomed in houses at the expense of the association. The association will teach them Italian language, enroll their children to school, promote integration in Italy and help them to find a job.

Refugeesare hostedin Piedmont, Sicily, Tuscanyand Rome.

Type of product

It is a pilot project carried out by the Community of Sant'Egidio, in collaboration with the Federation of Evangelical Churches and the Waldensianand Methodist Churches, completely self-funded.

Brief description of the product / outcome / method


- Will allow one thousand asylum seekers to apply for a visa and enter Italy without incurring expensive and dangerous sea voyages


- Transportation and hospitality costs for asylum applications will be taken into consideration without impacting on the Italian Government. An experiment, a tool to push the other European churches and institutions to launch similar initiatives.
- Between February 2016 and March 2017, about 700 people have already arrived,they are Syrians fleeing the war. The project foresees the arrival of one thousand people in a period of two years.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Comunità di Sant'Egidio

Country: Italy



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