ASGI – Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration

The Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI) is a membership-based association focusing on all legal aspects of immigration, providing information about various areas of immigration and migrants’ rights, including but not limited to antidiscrimination and xenophobia, children’s and  unaccompanied minors’ rights, asylum and refugee seekers, statelessness and citizenship

Year(s): 1990

Target group(s): Lawyers, academics, consultants and civil society representatives



Since the year 1990 ASGIs operates in the field of immigration developing:
–  Promotion of information related to rules and regulations about immigration in Italy : Rivista  Diritto Immigrazione e Cittadinanza (magazine about immigration and citizenship) , website and newsletters;
– Development of various documents such as guides and handbooks to spread and transfer useful information and tools aimigat efficiently preparing the readiness and efficiency of key actors.
– Conception and development of Projects aiming at reinforcingthe protectionofmigrants.
– Conception and development of Training Projects aimingat providing new competencies, strictly related to the migration issues, to lawyers and consultants operating in the field.

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Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration

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OUT OF LIMBO: Promoting the right of undocumented and stateless Roma (gipsy) migrants to a legal status in Italy
The project aims to change the policies, regulations and practices that perpetuate the lack of a legal status by undocumented and stateless migrants of Roma origin in Italy.

Terragiusta. Campaign Against the Exploitation of Migrant Workers in Agriculture in Italy

The project aims to promote the protection of health and working conditions of migrant workers in the agricultural sector in Italy

ASGI’s Manifesto on migration &asylum : how to reform italianlegislation  10 key points to reform immigration, asylum and citizenship law in Italy’s 2013-8 legislature

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Name of organization / individual: ASGI

Country: Italy


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