This web-portal is supported by the "Compagnia di San Paolo" and promotes by the Immigration Observatory of the Piedmont Region - IRES Piemonte together with 'ASGI (Association of Juridical Studies on Immigration), A.M.M.I. (Multicultural Associationof Intercultural Mediators) and CCM (Medical Cooperation Committee).

Born in 2011 with the Mediato project, is becoming an incubator of projects focused on training and information for operators who relate to foreign users: from teachers/trainers to administrative staff of school, from practitioners to jobseekers. The community of professionals and institutional partners has expanded, enriching the exchange of information and continuous updating of all its stakeholders.

Year(s): 2011

Target group(s): Integration facilitators



A virtual space based on cooperative learning where operators can discuss and exchange on different topics, ask for advice from experts (jurists, mediators, psychologists, anthropologists, institutions such as Prefecture, Employment Centers, ASL, INPS, etc.) and have qualified responses to specific questions, share materials and good practices.

Type of product

Production and collection of materials and video-lessons, creation of FAQs on the main legal issues related to various aspects of everyday life of a foreign citizen, continuous updating on national legislation on immigration and asylum at national level and counseling offered by ASGI’s lawyers and institutional representatives with reference to all the subjects submitted to the Forum. 

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Imporove quality and access to information for foreign nationals and operators dealing with foreigners. Increase technical/legal competencies and professional updating of cultural mediators and operators operating on the Province of Turin. Promote the creation of a community of best practices through the use of a virtual area dedicated to exchange/comparison, updating and councelling (forums).

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Promoter of the initiative


Country: Italy


Contacts: Via Nizza, 18 – 10125 Torino / +39 011/6666423

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