Public call for voluntary-tutors for Non-Accompanied Foreign Minors (MSNA).

The public call is open (without expiry date) and is intended to implement Law No 47/2017 "Provisions on protection measures for unaccompanied minors", whose art. 11 provides that a list of voluntary tutors must be available in Juvenile Courts. Selection and training is under the direct responsibility of Regional Childhood and Adolescence Guarantors.

Year(s): 2017

Target group(s): Italian citizen or of another State of the European Union (in this case the proper knowledge of the Italian language must be demonstrated)

Website: garantedell-infanzia-e-dell-adolescenza.


The role of the voluntary-tutor for Non-Accompanied Foreign Minors needs proper training and the selection will be organized as follows:

a. pre-selection: candidates will be selected on the basis of the submitted application;  

b. training: Candidates who meet the requirements of the call will be admitted to the compulsory training;

c. list of voluntary tutors: candidates who have successfully completed the entire training process, with a minimum of attendance that can be set at 80% of the lessons and after having given their consent, will enter the list of voluntary tutors available at the the Juvenile Courts of Piedmont and Aosta Valley.


The access to the training course is limited to those people who meet the requirements and have been selected.

The training course, of the length of 24 to 30 hours, is delivered at regional level, with the support of the University of Turin, Social Services entities/bodies, Associations dealing at different stages and levels with Minors and Migration and of professionals.

In particular, training is organized in order to facilitate people involved to easily participate and 80% of attendance is compulsory.

At the end of the course a test will assess the acquisition of the competencies. 

Type of product

  • Paper-based material       
  • Online resource
  • Video clips / Films
  • Course / Training
  • Mobile application
  • Public call

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

The volutary tutor will:
a) Carry out the task of legal representation assigned;
b) Ensure the recognition of the rights of the Minor without discrimination;
c) promote the physical psychological well-being of the child;
d) ensure educational and integration pathways taking into account personal competencies, natural inclinations and aspirations of the child;
e) monitor reception modes, security and protection of the Minor;
f) manage the child assets.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Piedmont Region

Country: Italy


Contacts: phone +39 011 5757303

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