Extra-Titoli in Barriera

Diaconia Valdese promoted the opening and the enhancement of orientation, guidance and information spaces addressed to both Italians and foreigners. The Extra-Titles in Barrier project, launched in February 2012 under the Economic and Employment Action Plan of the “Urban Barrier Program” in Milan is addressed to foreign nationals resident in Turin and in the Metropolitan City (ex Province), offering support to the recognition in Italy of qualifications or professional skills acquired abroad.

Year(s): 2012/2015

Target group(s): Foreign Nationals residing in Turin and in the Metropolitan City of Turin territory

Website: http://www.comune.torino.it/urbanbarriera/lavora/extra-titoli


The service gave support to the beneficiaries in terms of assistance during  the following activities:
- recognising professional and study qualifications;
- continue the studies by acknowledging their training curriculum in terms of training credits or access to school, academic or vocational training;
- allow the inclusion within the professional sector of reference. In case this is not possible or too expensive, accompany beneficiaries to engage in a training/education path useful in order to regain their professional skills and re-adapt them to the new context (informal recognition of the professional competencies)

Type of product

Brief description of the product / outcome / method

Extra-Titoli therefore offers the following services:
- guidance about the possibilities on the recognition in Italy of previous study qualifications in order to access to training courses;  
- accompaniment, where necessary, to the overcoming of obstacles and difficulties associated with these paths by activating direct contacts with consular offices and/or the educational or ministerial administrations involved and schools.
- guidance related to territorial aid networks that can support the beneficiary.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Promoter of the initiative

Name of organization / individual: Diaconia Valdese

Country: Italy

Website: http://www.diaconiavaldese.org

Contacts: info@diaconiavaldese.org +39 0121.953122

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